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Stitch-bonded fiberglass fabric is a kind of multilayer composite made from roving. Each layer is arranged uni-directionaly and parallelly in 0', 90', +/-45' direction. With one outer layer of chopped strand, multiaxial fabric, mat and multilayer fabric can be produced. Stitch-bonded fabric can be used in pultrusion process, open lay-up, resin transfer moulding (RTM) process. The end products are : boat shell, automotive parts, laminates, structral shapes, etc.


  • No any binder
  • Faster wet-out
  • Easy in operation process
  • Higher strength in certain direction
  • Glass Type : E, C-glass
  • Thread : 16.7Tex PEST
  • Gauge : 7F
  • Width : 1600mm
  • Direction : 0', 90', +/-45'
  • Density : 225~1020g/m2


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