Fiberglass screen netting is woven and composed of hundreds of fiberglass. Being well surfaced with plasticized ethylene polymer it proves noncorrosive in acid or alkali, possessing good tensive strength it will remain unchanged in shape for long.

It is widely used as an ornament for doors and windows of hospitals, medical organizations, restaurants, schools, factories, dwelling houses or other buildings. It serves best for purpose of ventilation and defence against insects.


  • Available Size : width 3 feet ; length 100 feet and width 4 feet ; length 100 feet
  • Number of meshes
    • 14 x 14 per square inch
    • 14 x 16 per square inch
    • 16 x 16 per square inch
    • 14 x 18 per square inch
    • 16 x 18 per square inch
  • Available Color : Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Light Ochre, Pink, Brown, Light Grey, White, Dark Grey, Carbon Black, etc.


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